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Friday, June 7, 2013

It has been a very long time since I last posted.  Again, I'll have to say it again, as we get older the time seems to zoom by quicker than my liking.  Here's a few highlights over the last 8 months or so:

  • In June 2012, we bred a few female alpacas, and we are now patiently and anxiously awaiting the babies (cria).  The avg gestation for an alpaca is 335 to 345 days, however some have gone as long as 372 days (here at our place).

  • In Feb 2013, we took a few of our young boys to the annual Florida Alpaca show in Tallahassee.  These involves getting the boys weaned, halter trained and to behave half-way decent in the Show Ring.   Let me just say, we had our moments in the Show Ring.  The boys seem to have a bit of stubborn-streak, and didn't want to enter into the ring.  They were happy as could be in their stall at the show, but to take them into the Ring they didn't want any part of it.  However, we got thru it!

  • In Mar 2013, we headed up to Tennessee to attend the Southern Select - no alpacas with us.  However, we took about 26 lbs of fiber to drop off at a Mill to have yarn and roving made.  Should be getting the yarn and roving in the next week (mid June).  Saw a beautiful light rose grey female at the show - the color was amazing.

  • April 2013 was shearing time.  It couldn't have come soon enough.  Here in Florida, the hot temperatures seem to come a bit early.  The good thing is that we had some chilly temps in the mornings in March and April.  Our newest addition, Kahuna's Casper, produced almost 9 lbs of fiber.  Our beautiful female, May, produced 7 lbs of fiber. The avg was about 4 lbs each alpaca.

  • May 2013 we sold our vacation rental which included our super nice barn.  We did work out a lease arrangement for the barn and back pastures so we will have time to figure out what our best options are at this point.  We really would like to have about 15 acres of land. 

  • June 2013 we are waiting for the crias to arrive.  They are kicking away in their mommas so just a matter of time before they finally arrive.  Will be sure to post pictures when the time finally arrives!

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