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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How time flies when you're having so much fun!!!  I can't believe it's been over a year since my last posting.  No wonder time flew by on me:

  • We got thru shearing in April with the help of good friends and the Shearing team.
  • We had 9 crias this past Spring, got the male crias weaned.
  • Bred 4 girls this year - 2 of them to our Full Accoyo Sawyer.
  • We acquired a few alpacas this year:  Sawyer, Carmello, Angelita, Zipcode, Tula, Poppie and Sunshine.
  • Our vacation rental is up and running, and have really enjoyed getting to know our guests.
  • We (including the alpacas) got thru the hot and wet summer. 

Coming Up:
  • Identify which alpacas we'll be taking to the Florida Alpaca show in Tallahassee-Feb 2013.
  • Halter training the crias.
  • Find a good hay source and purchase nutritious hay to gear up for winter months.

Based on feedback from our guests, our vacation rental is an excellent way to truly experience the day to day operations of taking care of the alpacas.  Thanks to our guests for allowing us to share what we have learned about the alpacas, and loved learning about what led them to consider alpacas.

Will be more active in posting to the blog - hope you've enjoyed reading!


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