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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


No Cria from Tatalina

It is now 365 days of gestation for Tatalina, and she's is feeling it, especially with the heat and humidity here in Florida.  It has to be any day now.  The two week old cria is a happy go lucky fella and loves to race around the pastures.  He is also very curious as to what the "human" is doing in his pasture.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Still waiting on Tatalina to have her cria - she is approaching 360 days of gestation - almost a full year.  She is very uncomfortable.  We taped her tail so that we could keep a closer eye on the target area - we watch for any swelling which is usually a very good indication of birth.  No signs yet!


Gino seems to be a very healthy boy.  He’s gained weight since birth, and really enjoys nursing.  This morning I found him nursing on another Alpaca mom.  I guess he figures if the milk is there, he’ll take a drink or two.  Also, last evening he was racing in the big pasture with a few of the young alpacas.  They’re like little Formula 1 race cars – sharp turns and all.  On another note, we’re waiting on one more female to give birth.  It should be any day.  She is waddling around like she is going to burst.  I’m sure she is thinking the same thing as we are – the cria cannot come soon enough. 


Again, got up early (not as early as prior day) to see the new cria.  He was up and about with all of the herd.  As the big alpacas were eating, he (at 3 days old) and the 1 month old cria was running around chasing each other.  Typical cria behaviour.  At this age, crias only digest milk and tend to instinctively learn to busy themselves while the older alpacas are eating.  We’ve also named Leeloo’s cria boy, Gettysburg Gino – Gino for short. 


Got up very early to check on Leeloo’s new cria.  He was sleeping away in the pasture along with the rest of the herd.  He is learning how his legs work and he can kick them outwards and yet stay upright.  He is now getting a bit interested in the other smaller alpacas.  Also, he is finding there are a lot of other alpacas and sometimes loses track of his Mom.  However, Mom has a special hum for him, and he is able to go towards the humming sound.


Today was the day!  We have been patiently waiting for Leeloo to have her cria, and it’s finally here.  She had a 14 lbs. Medium Brown (almost Maroon) male with black tipped ears, nose and feet.  He was up within about 20 minutes, although slightly wobbly and definitely not on all fours for too long.  In about 2 hours he gained his balance and started nursing.  He is very insistent on when he is ready to take a drink at the milk bar.  Thankfully Mom is very willing to appease her first cria. 

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